Thursday, September 25, 2008

Need to burn time?

Go to and click random articles repeatedly for any length of time. Warning: results include hysterical laughter, insanity and much shushing. (You get away with it only if you're on the clock; patrons can never behave in this manner.)

Here are two of our many favorites:

Monday, September 22, 2008

The New SuperHeros!

Librarian Action Figure
You can have all the books, magazines, periodicals, journals, videos, and CD ROMs in the world, but without a librarian you'll be frustrated and overwhelmed before you can say "Dewey Decimal System." And although most librarians can't travel faster than a speeding bullet, or leap over tall buildings in a single bound, they can direct you to an article on the physics of speed, an instructional pamphlet on high jumping, and a book of photographs of the world's tallest buildings. Each 5" tall, hard plastic Librarian Action Figure is modeled after Nancy Pearl, a real-life librarian in the Seattle area. Press the button on her back and her arm will move with amazing "shushing action!" Comes with a tiny plastic book and a stack of random literature. The card features a brief history of libraries on the back as well as a realistic check-out card in a classic library sleeve along with two bookmarks and a Nancy Pearl trading card!

Librarian Action Figure
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