Monday, February 18, 2008


Is strictly forbidden! And Librarians are not potential “Sparkees,” so take your sparkin’ ambitions some place else!

Thank You,
The Library Staff

And if this warning is not immediately obeyed, you can expect the entire library staff to chase you…with sharp objects. Just so you know…

This is what I will do...

I quit!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pertinent Facts You Should Know About the Library and It's Librarians

1. Yes, the cameras work.
2. Yes, we have books.
3. Saying Thank you is appreciated.
4. 200's come after the 100's and so forth.
5. We don't know sign language or any other language you made up.
6. We can hear the bean bags.
7. Thanks for the confidence, but we must be honest. We don't know.
8. Do I look like a psychic?
9. The copier is self-explanitory.
10. We don't know when he will stop plunging the toilets.
11. Yes, we are watching you.

'nough said.

Quotes Often Heard in the Library

1. Do you have any books?
2. Do you know where the keychains are at Wal-Mart?
3. I just lifted. (We waited for clarification, but none came.)
4. Vigorous sign language. Point at unknown object.
5. So can we be friends?
6. I need a book. It is blue and white.
7. Do you have tissues?
8. As we are covering books: What are you doing? Our response: Breeding llamas.
9. We should start a blog.
10. Do you know what the tempature is outside?
11. I feel a little weirded out.

Yes, we have heard or seen them all.